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Business Education Center

Welcome to the Business Education Center brought to you by J. Brianna Creations. In this center you will have access to all available templates, mock-ups and tutorials. You may also purchase our digital online courses and enroll in our 1 on 1 classes for a more in depth training. 

Our materials are for anyone looking to start their own party favor business or just for personal use. We use both Canva and Photoshop to create our templates and mock-ups. It is highly recommended that you acquire the basic knowledge of both programs in order for you to properly and successfully  use these products. 

Canva: For this program we only offer templates. You may use these templates on any device where you are able to access the Canva App and or the web browser. 

Photoshop: For this program we offer both templates and mock-ups. Our templates can be used on any device where you are able to access the Photoshop app. However, you cannot access our mock-ups on any device other than a laptop or desktop computer. This is because you are unable to access the smart object feature on your tablet and iPad apps. 

There will be no refunds or exchanges on any of theses products. Therefore we ask that you be mindful of any and all of your purchases!

Please understand that all of the templates, mock-ups, classes, courses and tutorials found on our website are the property of J. Brianna Creations. None of our products should be changed, altered, or resold under any circumstances. We will not tolerate any theft or plagiarism of any kind. We have put a lot of time and effort into our business and to make these products available for you to access and use easily. All that we ask for in return is that you respect our products and our policies!

By purchasing these products and any other product sold on our website you agree to our policies.

Canva Templates & Mock-Ups

Photoshop Templates & Mock-Ups


Classes & Tutorials


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